Tax-Free Strategy

Templeton Financial Services’ Tax-Free Intermediate Municipal bond strategy seeks to maximize tax-free income consistent with preservation of principal. The strategy can be state-specific and is customized to meet the unique tax situation and investment objectives of each client. Templeton incorporates tax loss harvesting when appropriate, excludes securities that are subject to AMT, and avoids taking undesired short-term capital gains. Templeton focuses on investment grade credits and looks to take advantage of inefficiencies in the municipal market to generate performance.



  • Duration Target Selection

  • Maturity Selection

  • Socially Responsible

  • Credit Risk

  • Portfolio Structure

  • Taxable & Tax-Free Blend



  • State Preference

  • Avoid AMT

  • Loss Harvesting In Rising Rate Environment

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Performance Awards

PSN Informa

  • Templeton Financial Services’ Tax-Free Intermediate strategy has earned Top Guns status for several periods.

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  • 4-Star Rated

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