ESG & SRI Focus

Templeton Financial takes a holistic approach to portfolio management and includes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors when looking for value and mitigating risk. By employing ESG analysis across our strategies, we not only believe you can feel better about how your capital is invested, but also believe you are better positioned to take advantage of unique investment opportunities and avoid areas of heightened credit risk. A disciplined approach to ESG investing should not be a sacrifice, but an opportunity to focus on municipalities and companies whose values align with your own to increase long-term value.



Environmental impact and integration analysis are core factors in ESG investing and central to our due diligence approach. From resource management policies to sustainability planning, we analyze a broad spectrum of environmental considerations to develop a deeper understanding of current and future risk. This approach helps us identify credits well positioned for future regulatory and environmental changes while guarding against unexpected credit events and controversy.



How companies and municipalities interact with their customers, supply chain, employees, and citizens is another central pillar in ESG investing. From employee turnover analysis to lost time incidence rates, we believe an in-depth analysis of the human element inherent in investing is essential to develop a long-term strategy designed to weather future uncertainty.

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Long term planning, transparency, and accurate reporting are cornerstones of responsible management. From the number of independent directors on the board to a municipality’s management of its pension obligations, we believe sound governance is paramount to the long-term success of an organization and another key focus in ESG investing.