Our Advantage

With over 60 years of combined fixed income experience, Templeton Financial Services specializes in building and managing customized fixed income portfolios.

Active Account Management

In todays volatile market environment, Templeton Financials active account management allows us to rapidly adapt to changes in the marketplace while taking advantage of opportunities and price distortions in the fixed income markets.

Institutional Access

Templeton Financial utilizes its independent standing and extensive dealer network to provide institutional access to the fixed income markets.

Proprietary Research & Trading

With over 50,000 unique issuers in the municipal marketplace alone, Templeton couples our proprietary, in house research and trading strategies with qualitative and quantitative data to identify unique opportunities in the market.

Strategic Partnership

Acting as either a separate account manager or sub-advisor, Templeton Financial works with you and your other financial professionals to deliver tailored solutions that help your company grow.