Experts in an Inefficient Market

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How do we obtain superior results?

  • We are specialists in fixed income management

  • We have over 70 years of combined experience in fixed income investing

  • TFS takes a total return approach to investing and has a track record of about 15 years that is GIPS compliant

  • We use a team-based approach and follow a well-defined process to managing our portfolios

  • Our models are research-based to help mitigate risk

  • We believe the bond market is inefficient and we can create value with wise security selection

Institutional Access

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What is the advantage of institutional access?

  • Our robust dealer network relationships lower transaction costs for our clients

  • Ability to buy primary and secondary offerings direct from dealers provides superior access to product and minimizes markups

  • Transparent fee structure instead of hidden markups

  • Conflicts of interest are eliminated so our interests are aligned

  • Advisors can leverage our relationships and market access to add value for their clients